Yarn Poll

Here’s the pic:

It's all Cascade 220

The pattern I’m going to use is the Cranberry Capelet (Rav link)

ETA – really?  poor little brown heather gets no love?  only 1 vote?  it’s much prettier and richer in person.   I will leave this up until tomorrow afternoon, then I’ll cast on with whichever is the contender at that time.


3 thoughts on “Yarn Poll”

  1. Terri, they are all gorgeous. Anyone would be beautiful. That pattern is on my “to do” list as well. Thea’s patterns are really nice. I also want to make Vodka Gimlet (I have had no luck at all in getting through to The Plucky Knitter for their Vodka Gimlet kits and/or the Plucky Primo Worsted). The colours are amazing! Any colour you pick in that group will be fantastic but I went with the green. They are all colours I wear, especially the green and brown and a teal blue or autumn turquoise. Have a great weekend.

  2. I changed my vote to the Brown (from the green)! They are all gorgeous as I previously said but, I know, for myself, that I would have picked the brown. I am an autumn and brown is very neutral and goes with almost everything. Wasn’t sure how you felt about brown but it would be my “real” first choice even though they are all gorgeous.

  3. Terri, oh drat! I am voting 1,000 votes for the brown – LOL. (not actually putting that on the poll) but it really is the most versatile colour. You can’t go wrong with it. Hugs to the Poopers and you and Bill looked super at the ball.

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