Hmm, you look familiar …

Excuse me?  Have we met before?  Oh, it’s YOU!  Knitting!  How I’ve missed you.

I lost some sleep Thursday night but I was so close to finishing these, I stayed up late.  They’re the “Tiny Tea Leaves Cardigan” (rav link) or here.  Really cute little pattern.  It comes in sizes 2 to 12 for kids. It’s the typical top-down yoked cardigan but with an interesting and fun yoke detail.  The collar is not close-fitting as I might do for an adult’s sweater, but I imagine kids don’t want “itchy” wool right up close to their neck, so I see why the designer made it like that.

I had originally started the pink on in a size 6, but after doing the body, felt that it would be just fitting now with no room for growth, so I ripped back to the yoke, then began the green one using the size 8 numbers.

I used Cascade 220 Superwash

Link to my Ravelry project page pink and green.

My gauge is smaller than the pattern calls for, so by using the larger size’s stitch count, it came out to the size I wanted.  (26″ chest; more measurements on my Rav page)  I have some yarn left over so if the sleeves end up too short before they outgrow the chest measurement, I can add on length to the sleeves.

this colour is pretty close to true

as is this.

I had the big fella deliver these on Friday and I heard last night that they fit perfectly and the girls were thrilled with the colours.  So I hope they have fun with them.  Unfortunately, the cute buttons that I picked up were just a little too big for the button band.  I had picked up cute little wooden apple and oak leaf buttons at Prairie Lily.  Really cute, but were too overwhelming on these.  I did have some 18 mm round wooden buttons, they worked perfectly.  (And I didn’t have to go to WalMart at 10:30 at night to find them …)

Tonight is the fancy ball.  The ocelot print dress won the poll below, so I’m wearing that.  I’ll put up a pic tomorrow with the complete ensemble!


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