I don’t drink, but I feel hungover

We had such a fabulous time at the ball last night!  I didn’t get to bed until 3 this morning.  I slept until about 9 then read in bed for a couple of hours.  We were three RCMP couples that attended the Canadian Forces Armistice Day Ball.  They had a nice group that turned out.  The function was held in our local armouries building and it was a bit cool and drafty, so I was glad for my wrap.

after supper

My sister loaned me a cute little gold evening clutch.  I bought a beautiful, soft, very fine wool wrap in chocolate brown.  It was perfect – I could scrunch it up as a scarf for coming and going to the event in my coat, and then used it as a beautiful but functional accessory when we weren’t dancing.

I went to my stylist’s salon to have my hair “done”.  The girl did a great job – certainly better than I could have done.  It’s at that awkward “in between” stage where it doesn’t really look good, no matter what I do, curly or straight.  I laughed, though, because during the evening it grew in volume and became quite “bouffant”.  I wore nude hose and had a gold cuff bracelet and gold hoop earrings.  The necklace I had planned to wear actually looked awful with the lovely drapey cowl neckline of my dress, so I left it off.  I didn’t have anything suitable to replace it with, though.  I also wore my beautiful brown suede Sofft shoes; so comfortable but so pretty!  I have to say that I felt wonderfully fabulous all evening because I felt so comfortable in my beautiful dress!

the wrap

(the big fella’s craptastic photo skills hit again)

I pixelated out our friend’s face as I didn’t think to ask if I could blog her.  Isn’t her outfit great, though?  It’s very drapey around the hips and she wore an awesome belt.  I loved it.

The Remembrance Day program part of the evening was lovely.  It is nice to see the younger generation recognize the importance of our armed forces and Remembrance Day.  (And don’t I sound a hundred years old with that comment!)

After the (somewhat mediocre) meal (pork loin and meatballs?!  really?), the dance began.  They had the Grand March and that was fun.  The best entertainment for the night was watching the younger/drunker people make fools of themselves.  At one point when I went to the washroom, someone’s panties were in the garbage, so we were trying to determine which young lady had parted company with them.  We had a good suspicion, though.  She was seated at the table behind us and in close succession had caused a disturbance at her table,  the top of her dress had fallen down and exposed her … assets …, vomited on the floor in front of her chair and finally had been ushered out by her boyfriend and BFF.  Stay classy, little girl!

We’ve been having a lazy day today. I did do laundry, though.   It began to snow when we left the ball and continued during the night into this morning.  It’s a good “snuggle in and stay at home” day.  I wound up five skeins of the Turquoise Cascade 220 Heathers for the capelet.  It’s #4009, “aporto”.  The colour is wrong in this photo.  Actually, it looked perfect on the camera’s screen, but on my laptop it’s too royal bluey.  It’s more like the photo in the post below.

two of five wound

I am going to cast on for the capelet as soon as I put my laptop away.  Happy Sunday!


8 thoughts on “I don’t drink, but I feel hungover”

  1. You guys look wonderful. Isn’t it nice to be able to get dressed up for a special event once in awhile. Great knitting as well – love the little cardigans.

  2. Sounds like it was an exciting night! And you did the locomotion exceptionally well! Didn’t know you were a 50’s fan.

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