a noble effort

All the while feeling that particular anxiety that is “I hope I don’t run out of yarn!!”, I finished the Noble Cowl last night.  I did stop the lace pattern two rows short of what the pattern calls for because of my running-out-of-yarn fear.  So I did the final two purl rounds and cast off and had 4 g of yarn left from the 100 g.  I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been enough to do those last two rounds, the two purl rounds and the casting off.

12" across and 10" deep

The pattern designer made it extra large around so it doesn’t muss one’s hair while putting it on, then you can use a cute little shawl stick/pin to make it cosy around your neck.

a shawl pin I got off etsy

The colour in these two photos is a good representation of it.  The yarn colour is called “cosecha” which Google Translate tells me is “harvest”.  Yeah, I see that.  All rich oranges and greens.

Dorks R Us

artsy fartsy shot

We woke up to 4″ of snow this morning and it’s very damp/humid which makes it feel so much colder.  I found Ava on the laptop trying to book a one-way ticket back to sunny Florida.  Oh dear, it’s gonna be a long winter for the little bit!


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