knitting in reverse

So I had finished the eight inches of 1×1 ribbing for the collar of the capelet.  I started the “body” of it and followed the pattern explicitly, including the M1 left and right increases.  However, after a few rounds (like 1.5 inches) I noticed that some of the M1s were leaving a hole.  The pattern has you incorporating the increase stitches into the existing ribbing and I think the M1s around the purl stitches were fubar’d.

I decided to rip it back to the collar ribbing and start again, and pay very close attention to my M1s.  I had looked online and in my knitting books to make sure I was executing them correctly.  And I was.  So after a few rounds again, I was seeing small holes.  So I switched to a kfb increase that won’t be as noticeable when increasing in the ribbing.

zombie eye!

The big fella was away for six days.  Apollo was a little mopey.

"that's fine - I have my wart hog. I don't need my daddy."

I think he missed his nightly beer serving more than his daddy.

hard at work, Assistant #1

"is it belly scritching time yet?"

I haven’t done any knitting tonight; had a busy work day and then company for supper.  And now it’s 11 pm and I need to get to bed.


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