nearly Wordless Wednesday



monochomatic sun seeker



monotone heat seeker

Still working hard.  Me, not them.  Some knitting, but nothing I can share.  And, I think I’m gonna make cookies on the weekend.  Woo.


8 responses

  1. Monochromatic-not as easy as it seems, is it? Those are great, but then those pups are professionals!

    Bill, Linda and I would volunteer for the job of cookie taster, but one of us topped the scale at 202.

  2. I love the sleeping puppies – and understand the inability to post about current knitting… ’tis the season that lots of folks have that problem!

    Hang in there… we’re near the finish!

    • Thanks, Kyle. Those greyhounds really are champion sleepers. As for the knitting, I only had time to do a couple of small projects for Xmas gifts. Almost done, then back to some socks for MEEEEE!

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