nearly Wordless Wednesday


monochomatic sun seeker


monotone heat seeker

Still working hard.  Me, not them.  Some knitting, but nothing I can share.  And, I think I’m gonna make cookies on the weekend.  Woo.


8 thoughts on “nearly Wordless Wednesday”

  1. Monochromatic-not as easy as it seems, is it? Those are great, but then those pups are professionals!

    Bill, Linda and I would volunteer for the job of cookie taster, but one of us topped the scale at 202.

  2. I love the sleeping puppies – and understand the inability to post about current knitting… ’tis the season that lots of folks have that problem!

    Hang in there… we’re near the finish!

    1. Thanks, Kyle. Those greyhounds really are champion sleepers. As for the knitting, I only had time to do a couple of small projects for Xmas gifts. Almost done, then back to some socks for MEEEEE!

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