Yeah, it’s been another long week.  I have some things to do tonight, then we have our weekly errands to run tomorrow, but after that, I’m gonna relax.

what could it be?
it's a mystery!

I still had my dSLR set to monochromatic.  I’ve been playing around with using a wide open lens and no flash lately.  I’m liking it.  This is one of the knitting projects I can’t show you.

what is it?
well, obviously there's some garter stitch ...

I think garter stitch is vastly underrated; probably because it’s perceived as a “beginner knitter’s” stitch.  All knit, all the time.  I quite like it.

I’ve got my butter softening to room temperature and my eggs warming as well.  I’m going to mix up the cookie dough so it can chill for ~ 24 hours.  So that means tomorrow night I’ll bake them off.  Or maybe Sunday morning.

In other news, I hadn’t had my hair cut since June 1.  Yesterday morning I used the flat iron to straighten it.  I had been using the diffuser to dry it and just let the curls/waves do what they want.  I’m aiming to grow it to a chin-length bob.  It was pretty short back in June, so even though it’s grown a lot, there’s a long way still to go.  Anyway, when I straightened it, it was looking way too mullety, so I called to see if I could get an appointment.  I had expected to wait a week or two, but they said to come in right away.  So it’s cleaned up and shaped nicely and I had her bring the back up a lot.  It feels a lot better.  Yay!


2 thoughts on “TGIF”

  1. Glad the haircut made your day! I tried to teach myself to knit a couple of years ago and determined that I was hopeless. I guess we all have our creative limits! lol

    I’m still playing with the settings on my camera, too, and learning about things it can do. If you’re interested, we started a small group on Flickr called the Daily Dog Challenge that you can join and play with photos of the dogs.

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