Pound cake … weighs a lot

I saw this recipe on The Chew and wanted to try it.  I even had all the ingredients on hand – score!  I mixed this up last night.  Coconut Pound Cake .

oh pretty!

I followed the recipe exactly.  The recipe is a little bit vague in some parts but I think they assume that you know the basics of baking.  (i.e. they don’t say to use room temp/softened butter, but you do, of course)  I used my kugelhopf pan in lieu of a regular bundt pan and I baked it an hour and three minutes.

Instead of a milk and icing sugar glaze, the recipe has you boil water, sugar and a bit of butter and to pour that on the cake in the pan, then invert it onto your serving plate and pour the rest of the ‘glaze’ over the cake.  When I watched it on tv, it seemed really messy and excessive.  So I poured half of the glaze on cake while in pan, then used a cake spatula to loosen the edges away from the pan so the glaze would soak down.  After about five minutes, I flipped it onto the plate and poured the rest on.  By then the glaze had started to set up a bit, so it wasn’t as runny.  I also waited a few minutes to dust with icing sugar so it actually was visible instead of melting because of the heat of the cake/glaze.

had to test it

The recipe urges you to eat it while still warm.  We did so.  It was pretty good.  However, it is a pound cake, so is quite dense and heavy, not like a sponge cake.  The coconut lends more texture than actual coconut taste/flavour and the pecans add even more, so it’s quite chewy and delicious.  I will make it again and therefore, it will get put on my Recipe page.


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