not much

I’ve got nothing.  A few hound pics and some cheesecake.  I haven’t even knit in days.

ZOMG!  It's a cookie!
ZOMG! It's a cookie!

I have been playing around with the new lens, though.

The fang
the fang ... always the fang

And I made a cheesecake. Our friends’ twin daughters have the same birthday as the big fella (Wednesday) so we took cheesecake over for birthday cake. We hadn’t planned staying long, but it ended up being a late night.

what's left of the cheesecake
this is what's left

I made my usual Mascarpone cheesecake.  So good.  I debated making a smaller recipe (I halve the recipe and use a 7″ springform pan) but I made the big one.  It was a hit!

Yesterday about lunch time I started feeling poorly (like wishing I could puke, but I couldn’t, horrible aches all over); I ended up going to bed at 6 until 9, then again from 10 until 10 this morning.  The big fella thinks I have exhaustion.  This week was hectic and I wasn’t getting much sleep.  I feel better now, though, but still don’t want to eat anything.  Might have some nice steel cut oats to get something in my stomach.  I am never sick, so it’s always a shock when I am!

Ava was happy to snuggle on the couch, that was good medicine!


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