Happy New Year!

This year, instead of our usual NY Eve activities (i.e. nothing, and the big fella asleep on the couch by 9 pm), we went WAY out of our usual comfort zone and went down to the big New Year’s Eve Regimental Ball at RCMP HQ in Regina.  I took the easy (and comfy) way out and wore the same outfit as I did to the Armistice Day Ball in November.

New Year's Eve
what the hell - THEY all wear the same outfit, so why not me?

What a great night we had!  This was very upscale and formal and there were many, many floor length gowns, tuxedos and such.  It’s always fun to go out to an event like that.  The meal was top-notch and plentiful (and our ticket price included an open bar), and we danced all night to a really good live band.  So much fun!  I again felt like a million bucks in my ocelot-print dress.  Rawr!

The only down point was the woman in charge of directing the Grand March screwed it up SO BAD!!!  I was kind of pissed off about it, because that is one of the formalities and it kicks off the start of the dancing.  I’m sure you all know how a Grand March is executed.  Group of four promenades down the ball room and at the end, the 4 split off alternately left and right, go back to the other end, then meet up with another group of four (so eight abreast now) march down, split off alternately, go back to the other end of the ball room, then meet up with another group of eight (so 16 abreast now).  Well, this idiot was splitting up the groups of four when they got to the front of the ballroom, so at the other end it was a clusterfu… uh, disorganized mess … and we were getting no where fast.  Very disappointing.  Grand March FAIL!!

ETA:  this is how it’s supposed to be done (courtesy of John Wayne, Victor McLaghlen and Henry Fonda in Fort Apache:

Regardless, it was a very nice night out.  They held it in the Drill Hall at Depot (training academy) and everything (else) was first class and formal and wonderful.

RCMP Depot Regimentall NY Eve Ball
we were sitting in about the middle of the hall

I took a few photos (and others at our table took many, many more photos with my camera! It was hilarious to look through them all last night when we got back to the hotel.  Surprise!) but I can’t post any online here.  Have to keep the members’ privacy intact.  But we had a group of ten of us and it was a blast!

Happy New Year!
almost midnight!

We had our noisemakers, our hats and tiaras and were eagerly awaiting the countdown!  The band counted us into 2012, they had a balloon drop, then (free!) champers all around!  Amazingly, the big fella was awake well after midnight!  We didn’t get back to our hotel until about 2:15 this morning.  The poopers were so patient waiting for us in the van.  We went out every couple of hours to check on them and let the van run for 30 minutes or so.  It wasn’t that cold temperature-wise (-10?), but being Regina, the wind never stops and it was gusting 50-55 kph last night and the wind chill was brutal.  They were snug and warm and happy to be in their familiar environment.

We got home late this aft and are going to just have a quiet evening before starting the new week (and year) tomorrow.  Happy New Year to all and have a wonderful and happy 2012!


6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. You guys look great, and (sans Grand March) it sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. Next year, I am taking a nap, so I can be sure to still be up at midnight 🙂

  2. ¡Feliz año nuevo! Rawr, rawr, you sexy ocelot! (reminds me of an old joke) 🙂

    Much love to all of you, especially snorgles to your beautiful kids.

  3. Hi Terri, you and Bill looked absolutely super. You can’t beat a husband in regimental dress! Glad you had a really nice evening. Hugs and ear scritches to the Poopers! Our grass is green at the moment but no one knows for how long! Wishing you and Bill a very Happy New Year and health and happiness.

  4. Looks like too much fun! We just stayed home and watched CityTV’s terrible show from Calgary. It was like an SCTV skit! Sooooo bad! Then we found Coldplay on PBS and that was good!

  5. Wonderful photos of both of you and it looks like a great time was had by all! I spent New Year’s Eve on the phone with the Telus help-line, a young man working in the Phillipines. My new Toshiba Thrive tablet (since returned)needed the Wi-Fi set up properly. As we chatted I expressed my thoughts about being a “loser” at being on the help-line on Party Night but he said they’d been very busy! I am not alone…

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