quasi baking fail

I came across this recipe a few weeks ago for baked donuts.  The photos looked wonderfully tempting.  Last night I decided to try it.  I got my (new) bread maker out and loaded the ingredients in.  I was buzzing around doing laundry and tidying up a bit – the machine started making a weird noise.  I checked on it and the kneading hook had come off its pedestal and was stuck in the ball of dough.  I stuck it back on and tried to get it going again.  And again, after a few turns, the hook came off again.  Grrr.

So I took the dough out, kneaded it a bit, then put it in a bowl in a warm place to rise.  I let it rise about an hour then carried on with the recipe.  They didn’t rise as much as I wanted, but I think that might have been because of the wonky bread maker macerating the dough.  Damn thing.

weirdly shaped, but tasty!

It made about a dozen and some holes.  I topped them with melted butter and dipped in cinnamon sugar.  Tasted just fine!

TerriBits - ha!

Next time I’ll try this recipe – I can mix the dough with my KitchenAid and not mess with that stupid break maker.

So while I was slaving over a hot oven, the rest of the pack was:



thinking of zzzzz


"the flash ... it's too bright"


4 thoughts on “quasi baking fail”

  1. Ha ha ha! Okay, I’m cracking up over the ending to this post! I’m sorry the bread maker went on the fritz, but doughnuts are sounding really good right now! I have a feeling they all woke up when the TerriBits were available for tasting, though!

  2. O hai, have I told you lately that we love you? I’ll have to make those and maybe Nick will still love me despite the depleted nookie & sleep levels…

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