Until the “real” case gets here:

I whipped up a quick sock yarn phone sleeve/sock:

Quick phone sleeve
Samsung Galaxy Sock

I used some left over Zauberball Crazy sock yarn. I cast on 52 stitches with 2.25 mm needles, did .5″ or so of 2×2 ribbing, then stocking stitch until it was long enough. I did a three needle cast off on the right side just to give it a little structure on the bottom.

This phone is all touch-screen so the entire front of it is glass.ย  I’m terrified of breaking it!ย  My BlackBerry was constantly getting dropped, falling off things, etc. until the point that some of the keys stopped working.ย  I’ll have to be much more careful with this one.


7 thoughts on “Until the “real” case gets here:”

  1. Oh! Oh! Oh! Now I want to make one just like it.

    Happy New Year! Let’s do supper. (After February 28th, unless you and bill want to join us in Buckeye.)

  2. Terri, I knit myself a sock for my Nokia back in the day. Thanks to that sock the phone survived being thrown from a roll over car accident without even a scratch on it. The officer found it laying in the middle of the highway. I bet you’re much prettier one will be just fine!

  3. How beautiful! I am thinking about making one for my new toy, too. I am very glad that it is third hand and already has scratches on the plastic. I bought a cute silicone case with paw prints on it for the back and some clear foils for the display. But a nice sock might be even more protective in my bag.

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