Both of my office assistants

Actually came into work today and were actually awake. Briefly.

You don’t pay us enough to come in full-time

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5 thoughts on “Both of my office assistants”

  1. Ah, my office assistants will come in full-time but only because I have a futon in the office and I’ll pull it out for them. It is all about the right tools for the right job. And the kibble bowl is in the room right across the hall so they don’t have to go far to the office cafeteria.

    1. I know! And they’re so demanding, too. “Pet me” “Give me a cookie” Probably why I end up working 10 hour days to get it all done.

  2. My office assistant has serious jealousy issues with the laptop. When I put my laptop on my lap he climbs on top of the laptop and demands attention. I just cant get the staff.

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