We’re all classy here

Apollo’s classy:


we don't call him "Tubby McPoundage" for nothing ...

The big fella had the camera out the other night.


Ava's classy

I’m classy:


(hey, it's been a tough week)

Last night, even though I was exhausted, I did mix up a batch of cookie dough (yeah, it’s that recipe again).


nom! don't they look great?

I did things a little different.  Instead of chilling the dough 24 hours, I put one dozen dough balls on a cookie sheet and chilled for about an hour, then the rest of the dough I made 1.5 oz dough balls, 32 in total.  I flash froze them on a cookie sheet, then put them in a zippy bag.

Frozen cookie dough balls.

future noms!

I baked off the one dozen and they turned out really good.  Although I didn’t use my usual chocolate disks.  Last Saturday we went to check out the new “Bulk Barn” store and while these were labelled “bittersweet”, I actually think they were semi-sweet.  Not like my favourites (old photo):


the nib-shaped ones on the left

And as always, I made the sacrifice for you, reader, so you could see the melting chocolate bits inside:


soft and melting

So now I can pull out six dough balls and bake them off any time and we’ll have oven fresh, melting chocolate chip cookies.  Yay!


7 responses

  1. Feel free to mail one of those bags our way! *tries not to drool*

    And stay classy! You’re all doing great! lol What is it with guys and cameras when you have your pajamas on and your make up off?

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