We’re all classy here

Apollo’s classy:

we don't call him "Tubby McPoundage" for nothing ...

The big fella had the camera out the other night.

Ava's classy

I’m classy:

(hey, it's been a tough week)

Last night, even though I was exhausted, I did mix up a batch of cookie dough (yeah, it’s that recipe again).

nom! don't they look great?

I did things a little different.  Instead of chilling the dough 24 hours, I put one dozen dough balls on a cookie sheet and chilled for about an hour, then the rest of the dough I made 1.5 oz dough balls, 32 in total.  I flash froze them on a cookie sheet, then put them in a zippy bag.

Frozen cookie dough balls.
future noms!

I baked off the one dozen and they turned out really good.  Although I didn’t use my usual chocolate disks.  Last Saturday we went to check out the new “Bulk Barn” store and while these were labelled “bittersweet”, I actually think they were semi-sweet.  Not like my favourites (old photo):

the nib-shaped ones on the left

And as always, I made the sacrifice for you, reader, so you could see the melting chocolate bits inside:

soft and melting

So now I can pull out six dough balls and bake them off any time and we’ll have oven fresh, melting chocolate chip cookies.  Yay!


7 thoughts on “We’re all classy here”

    1. well, yeah. So we can eat ’em all fresh and gooey. Then make more the next night. Or later that same night …. 😉

  1. Feel free to mail one of those bags our way! *tries not to drool*

    And stay classy! You’re all doing great! lol What is it with guys and cameras when you have your pajamas on and your make up off?

  2. You are an inspiration, that cookie idea is genius! And lawdy how I loves me some sausagey greyhound. And an immodest brindle bitch. 😉

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