Frozen Balls FTW!

When we last left our story, there were frozen chocolate chip cookie dough balls.  I did an experiment.  I took out 8 dough balls (to counteract the comment snark when I said 6 cookies …) and put them on a cookie sheet for 30 minutes.

frozen dough balls
waiting to bake

I baked them off for about 14 minutes:

baked off great
looks good from here!

I would say the experiment is a success.  And I still have 24 more balls in the freezer.

Speaking of frozen (but not balls):

"no, mommy, I do -not- have to go outside in the -36° wind chill just yet. I can hold it."


"one way ticket to Florida, please"

Our very mild winter temps have turned more seasonal this week.  It’s kind of weird for it to be this cold and brutal and there to be so little snow on the ground.  Bizarre, actually.  Supposed to be this cold all week.


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