It’s been a year

since our little princess left us.

a couple of days before she left

In her usual spot on the couch, keeping watch over the neighborhood.  We miss her daily, and think of her often.


9 thoughts on “It’s been a year”

  1. I was just reading about your greyhounds and thinking how lovely they are. Then I just checked your blog and see that the little girl left. It’s so hard. We lost our old girl about you months ago and miss her all the time too. They bring such joy to us, don’t they. And sad as their passing is, you can rest knowing that she couldn’t have had a better life. A good run in the park is how I think of it.

  2. Sweet, sweet Sabrina. She is resting in peace. You never forget them – our Boxer is still an 8 x 10 in the kitchen framed for us to see – they are always in your heart. Hugs to Ava and Apollo.

  3. It’s hard to believe it has been a year. She was such a good princess, such a sweet daddy’s girl. We miss her goofy gangly silliness and we never even got to pet her, so we can only imagine how much it hurts you two.

  4. What a beautiful girl! So sorry to hear of your loss, it never gets any easier. But it looks like you all had a wonderful life together! 🙂

  5. A year already? She was such a sweetheart; as long as she’s remembered (and who can forget her?) she’ll never really be gone.

    Down in Buckeye; missing my dogs. I don’t think I can rely on Mike to drop them at Prairie Lilly Wednesday mornings.

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