Another hectic week done – and January almost done, as well.  I set aside my West Coast socks and decided to try some baby booties:

the sole and just starting to do the "sides" of the bootie

I looked at many patterns and ideas on Ravelry, but these seem to be a good standard.  They are the Christine’s Stay-on Baby Booties.  I found another interpretation of the pattern here.  I looked at my sock yarn and found a nice, gender neutral turquoisey blue with a hint of green.  This is Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in “blue yonder”.  This is a sock yarn, but the wool portion is merino, so it should be soft and gentle for a baby.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to knit for the past couple of nights, other things to do.  I’m going to switch a load of laundry, then pick them up.  They shouldn’t take long – they’re very tiny!  I think I will do a ribbed leg on them instead of the eyelet and i-cord (both for speed and for ease of use in putting on/taking off).  I will also do a quick sock yarn hat to match.


2 thoughts on “Booties”

  1. Just in case you were wondering, doing those booties on dpn’s is a little easier than on circs. Or maybe way easier. I can’t remember.

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