Corn Dog

For the past number of months, Ava’s had a couple of corns percolating on her back paws.  I have been keeping an eye on them and working on them.  Apollo has one (recurring) that I popped out in December, but these one’s Ava had just were taking a lot longer to get to that point.

Ava, classy girl

We came in the house yesterday and she was sitting like this.  ?? Anyway, last night after she’d come in from being in the yard, I worked on her corns some more.  She was such a good girl, very stoic.  I don’t have a corn huller, but I used this cuticle thingie and just kept working it.  The big one took a little more work; I had to soak it in some epsom salt water for about five minutes, then it was more pliable.

two corns out
gross - I wouldn't have wanted to walk on those

I put some Abreva in the craters when I was done.  I had read somewhere that it may help prevent the corns coming back – what the hell, can’t hurt.  I also put some on today.

corn dog
how they looked today


fanks, Mommy!

Last night Apollo was displaced and quite put out:

ha! I have the bed and you don't!

We are having our usual winter cold spot on the floor by the bay window, so we’ve had to move the beds away from the wall.  We turned them 45 degrees so they fit better in the space.  Apollo has adapted easily and now lies north-south, but Ava still bucks the trend and is taking up two beds by going east-west.  Poor Apollo.  This was after the corn-ectomy, so I let her be.

nose is north-south

Edited to add:  I didn’t realize that corns weren’t a familiar notion to other dog owners.  Sabrina had one that I removed a couple of times, Apollo has one that I’ve removed three or four times, and Ava has these two that I just took out and one more smaller, less bothersome one.  If you google greyhound corns, there are a lot of pages, but this one is pretty informative and this one shows how to hull them.


8 thoughts on “Corn Dog”

  1. Yea, Ava is hilarious. She looks like the Queen of Sheba alright .”Boy! Quit laying about and get me another blanket. Woman! Come massage my feet.”

    Do the corns develop from racing, cold weather or what? I know it is not from stiletto heels.

  2. Never knew that dogs got corns. I’ll have to go down and check Bill’s feet. Oh, never mind, he never uses them. It’s more probable that he will get callouses on his belly.

    What a trooper Ava is, and what a good doggie mom you are. Keep warm!


  3. Poor poopers! Lucky for them they have such a diligent mom.

    As far as furniture placement goes, you have obviously messed with Ava’s universe. Hopefully everyone can come to some sort of understanding

  4. well, 1st, (corns) this is news to me too. Poor dears. And 2nd, my pup would never let me work on his paws like that so I hope it never happens. Yikes!
    That picture of Fanks Mommy was priceless…totally made my day!
    Yesterday, my pup had surgery and well the stress was epic on both of us. I had to have two beers. One for me and one for him when it was all over…
    He is sooo agressive at the vets. I don’t know what the hell to do next.
    I am hoping with age he will take it easy.

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