Old Advertising

There are still a few old buildings in our downtown sector that have some “heritage” character.  I had been waiting for an overcast day to snap some pics.  (Unfortunately, it was also very wind chilly.)  I grabbed my camera but put my cheaper lens on it.  This building is in a sketchy area and if I got rolled for my camera, at least they wouldn’t get my beautiful new lens.

billiards and tobacco

This building is currently standing alone, but I think both parking lots on either side used to have buildings on them.  The slogan is “everybody smokes Old Chum tobacco” – you can see another vintage sign here.

"finest pool and billiards parlour in town"

I like the gritty feel to the black and white print.  When taking the photos I could see that there was something painted underneath.

something blue?

I could make out an S, some other letters.  I googled a little bit and found a great set of pics on a blog here that shows what this painted sign underneath must have looked like.  It’s for Sweet Caporal cigarettes and the slogan was “smoke Sweet Caporal cigarettes”.  You can make it out underneath if you know what to look for.

on the other side

This painted ad was high up on the building and I think there was a single-storey building abutting this one, so that’s why the advertising was up high.

O-Pee-Chee Chewing Gum

Both signs have J. H. Pollock listed (phone 567!) so I am curious if that was his building and he housed the billiard parlour and smoke shop there?

couldn't quite make it out

but this must be the sign painter’s company.  Thomas G-something.

More photos in the set on flickr.


12 thoughts on “Old Advertising”

  1. What’d ya mean, sketchy areas? In PA? Really?

    I had a high school teacher who was obsessed with local history, and painted ads in particular. I had never looked at them before, but they are pretty neat. I have never noticed the ones you shot- is that near where you usually hang out? What would be neater would be moonlit shots. 🙂

    1. Yeah, really, it was daylight out and like anyone would mess with you.
      I took pics of the O-Pee-Chee sign when I was there and you never mentioned ‘sketchy’…

  2. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and there are lots of old buildings in the local Chinatowns with old signs painted on them. I love seeing that history and am sad when the buildings are pulled down. Many are brick and it’s expensive to reinforce masonry against our earthquakes.

  3. This is so neat! There are a few buildings like this where I live, but the only spots left are the ones really high up … and even those have been defaced by graffiti. It’s too bad.

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