Shake yer bootie(s)!

I used some beautiful Knit Picks Stroll sock yarn in “blue yonder tonal” to make these little baby booties:

cutie bootie

The pattern is Christine’s Stay-On Baby Booties.  There is another version with better instructions here.

garter stitch sole

I made what I guess is the “newborn” size.  The pattern is kind of vague on sizing.  The second pattern linked gives sizing options by changing needle size.  I think I would just add stitches to make a bigger size.  I hope these fit, at least once!

ribbed leg instead of eyelet round and tie

More photos and deets on my Rav project page.  I’ve started a matching baby hat, too.


With the great success of the Frozen Dough Balls, I made another batch of dough last night.  I made 8 balls to use right away, and had 32 others that I flash-froze and then put in a zippy bag in the freezer.  This batch the balls weighed 1.8 oz, so they’re larger and made a few less cookies.  I really liked the last batch’s convenience:  just take some out of the freezer, let sit on a cookie sheet 20-30 mins, then bake off and voila, fresh cookies!  And if you line the cookie sheet with foil, you just crumple it up when you’re done and no washing up!

don't hate me because I'm beautiful


5 thoughts on “Shake yer bootie(s)!”

  1. Those are some beautiful “teef”. She is a sweetheart (as, of course, is Apollo). Hope you are having a good weekend.

    1. These booties are really tiny – I’d have to stretch them out just to get Ava’s toes in them. There’s NO WAY they ever would have fit Sabrina with her big supermodel feet!

  2. My mother used to have a little bakery and I have her recipes, which of course have to be reduced to normal size but with the chocolate chip one it still makes about 8 dozen cookies. I never thought of making the balls and freezing them individualy, but that is a GREAT idea! I will try that next time. There is nothing like a warm cookie.

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