the models were unco-operative

I finished knitting the baby hat last night, so today I wanted to get some daylight photos.  That was the plan.

take 1

oh, come on Ava

take 2

Fine, be like that.  Apollo?

oh, not you, too

come on, Apollo …

"if I must"

What a pair of high strung divas.  Granted, they were in sun comas when I tried to take the photos.

so cute!

This is the pattern for the hat.

For the booties and the hat together, I only used 30-35 g of yarn.  (I didn’t weigh the skein before I started, but it was a 100 g skein).

I'm predicting a boy, but the blue has a nice bit of green in it, too, so unisex!

I have no idea about sizing – hope they fit at some point.

I worked 10 hours today, so instead of picking up or starting something complicated, I just picked up my West Coast Sunset socks.

smug Ava
butter wouldn't melt ...

I need someone to scritch MY ears!


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