suck it, douchebag

Shit like this makes me see red.  There was an editorial published in a dinky, podunk weekly newspaper that has caused an uproar.  Dude was pulled over for a traffic check, decided he was being oppressed, then went and posted a very slanderous and erroneous version of the incident in his little newspaper – because he’s “the editor”.  O. Really.

The editorial has since mysteriously been removed from the Osoyoos Times website but  Google cache has the text.  (I was going to post it in its entirety here, but it’s online in enough places, it’s not going to disappear.  Remember, the internet is forever.)

When the RCMP realized the existence of this horribly slanted account, they took a step from their normal procedures and posted a rebuttal to his editorial on the RCMP website.  The upshot is that the police car/officer were wired for video and sound and the entire encounter was recorded, both video and audio and – surprise, surprise – it didn’t occur quite the way the editor said in his editorial.  I’ll bet that made his asshole pucker a little bit.

The RCMP has offered to make public the video so that people can see both sides of the story and decide which is the more accurate account.  I wish they would.  The editor made his allegations in a very public forum and manner, I think the actual video of the incident should be available in the same manner.

The Province’s story has an update from last night that quotes the editor saying he is worried he will lose his job (ya think?) and that he will publish an apology in next week’s issue of the paper.  As for the video, he said he’s have to consult his publisher before giving permission for the RCMP to release the video.  Well, call me a cynic, but I don’t think that video will ever be released.

My favourite quote from the RCMP article: If there was one positive to your negative article, it was a reminder to me of the many baseless and malicious allegations our members must constantly face while carrying out their duties. Fortunately, in this case, the video removes any doubt that the police officer’s actions were professional and respectful.

I applaud Superintendent Ray Bernoties for posting the public letter and for standing up for the rights and protecting the integrity of the serving members.


5 thoughts on “suck it, douchebag”

  1. I would comment on this post, but “Suck it, Douchebag” sums it up so beautifully, further comment seems unnecessary.

  2. I hate it when people do the wrong thing and then are so determined to make themselves be right that they will vilify anyone who says anything different. As a person married to someone in the field of law enforcement, I know what a tough job it is. I’m glad that this time there was proof that shut the guy up!

  3. Police officers, paramedics, military personnel get huge props from me. They’re out there risking their lives every day and having to deal with idiots like this even more often.
    I have so much more to say on this but as you mentioned ‘the internet is forever’ so we can discuss another time offline!!!! LOL

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