More babeh knits

The day our friends’ baby was born, it was -31°C here.  Poor little thing needed a sweater, I thought.  The “5 Hour Baby Sweater” is a quick knit because it’s worsted weight yarn.  I made one last year, so I dug out the pattern, picked up a couple of balls of a nice washable yarn and cast on  Friday night.

5 hour baby sweater
Lion Brand "Vanna's Choice" in #102 aqua. It's more green/turquoisey than in this photo

After their big evening on Wednesday, the poopers took two days to recover.

having company is exhausting!


I'm too weak ... you'll have to bring the cookie to me here.

We stopped by the pet store yesterday to restock the Tripe Patties 😉


3 thoughts on “More babeh knits”

  1. We just bought tripe patties today for the first time after I read about them on your blog several posts ago. They’ve had tripe before, but it had been a really long time…and they’ve never had tripe patties. They definitely approved!! 🙂

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