Five hours? I’m not sure.

This baby sweater is called the “Five Hour Baby Sweater“.  I didn’t keep track of how long I worked on it, but I started it Friday night and finished it last night.  (And I’ve worked almost 30 hours already this week.)

5 hour baby sweater
pretty sure it was more than 5 hours

This is Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice acrylic worsted weight.  This probably will fit when the baby is 2-3 months old.  But I had a bee in my bonnet to make it, so I did.

Now I’ve started a pair of Noro Stripey Socks FOR ME!  I have just barely started, so I don’t know how barfy the colour stripes will be.  They may end up being FrankenNoro socks because I’m just knitting it as it comes, I’m not going to be cutting out colour sections, etc.  We’ll see!


3 thoughts on “Five hours? I’m not sure.”

    1. Judy, Judy, Judy … it probably would take you only 5 hours. I kept getting sidetracked. If you do make one, disregard the part where they have to knit the sleeves first (and flat?!) and do the body, then go back and do the sleeves in the round. I can’t remember what it said about button holes, but I just put three where it looked like they could go.

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