flagpole roach

Even though he is unsteady on his back legs, can’t see so well any more, sleeps like the dead and is easily started, our big boy can still:

roach in the sunshine!

He’s being coy, looking over at me from the corner of his eye!

No photos, but I actually have Sock #1 in the middle of the heel flap.  Wow, that Kureyon is drying.  My fingers have cracks in them from it.  The yarn is as gross and twisty and aggravating, but the colours are looking awesome.  So it will all be worth it in the end.  I am doing the socks one at a time so I didn’t have to start fussing with splitting two skeins in two, etc.

I had to buy a new laptop on the weekend, and now face the endless task of transferring over programs and data.  Actually the data is easy – I have two external hard drive back ups, so it’s just plugging that in and copying it back over.  But the programs, ah, that will take a while.  I’ll pick away at it a little at a time and hope my current laptop doesn’t crap out before I’m done.


7 thoughts on “flagpole roach”

  1. Love a good roaching. Much easier to rub their belly and brisket 🙂 Sorry about the dead laptop. I do appreciate the ‘Time Machine’ feature on my Macs. When I upgraded to a new iMac and MacBook Pro, I just told it restore from ‘Time Machine’, and it ported over all doc, apps, and even preferences.

  2. He doesn’t even have the extra skin flaps that Attie needs for stabilization. He’s looking good!

    Much as I like the colours that Noro comes up with (from the “what were they smoking in the dye shed?” department) I don’t enjoy knitting with it. It feels ucky.

    1. I have two external hard drives (overkill!) and they each have their own backup software. One is a Seagate drive and the other is FreeAgent Go Flex. You just go through and select which files you want backed up, set the frequency, and it does its thing. I keep all my data files in one folder on my laptop hard drive (and many, many, MANY subfolders in that one main folder) so it keeps it all together. I don’t back up applications or programs because those can simply be re-installed.

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