what were they smoking in the dye shack?

The first Noro Stripey sock was fabulous – the colours and stripes just played out perfectly.  The toe ended on the yellow/orange part of the spectrum.  I happily cast on for Sock #2.  I did the ribbing, then started the stripes.  But disaster!  The yarn on both skeins was heavy on the orange and green; skein 1 was orange feeding into green for several stripes, then skein #2 was all green.

I like orange ... and green ... just not this much of it!

I pulled more yarn out to see if the colours were going to change again, but it was a sea of orange and green forever.

well, that's a little better

I yanked out enough yarn until it changed to blue and a different shade of green.  Since this photo, I’ve done a couple more inches.  But the stripes are not as defined as Sock #1.  The colours for skein #2 have gone from blue to grey, and from skein 1 from green to blue.  I hope it will get a little brighter and different shades completely so it will be more like Sock #1.


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