Tough life, Sunday edition

They have it so rough:

it's a tough life
yeah, TWO electric blankets, double-layered beds. How inhumane!

I noticed I hadn’t done an Ava mosaic, so here it is:

Ava Mosaic
Ava mosaic

I printed that and have it in my Filofax so I can see her silliness every morning!

The other night I was looking on our local news website for something about our ongoing water problems.  We’ve been boiling our drinking water for over a month or so now, and they’re saying it will be another month before they sort out the problem.  Anyway, I was clicking around and I found a link to a roller derby team in town that is always looking for new skaters.  I decided to go to the practice on Thursday night to see what it was all about.

What a great workout!  The team is new (broke off from another team) and building.  They give you the training and skills development.  It would be a long time before I’d be able to play in a bout, but I’m really looking forward to it.

mouth guard ... for Roller Derby!
gotta protect my teefs!

I need to do something for stress relief and to get some activity.  The big fella says it’s good for me to get out of the house instead of working, working, working all the time.  There are three practices a week, two hours each time, so I hope I can make all three.

But I’ve got to buy myself some skates – I used the rental skates on Thursday.  Free, but … ewwwww …. other people’s feet have been in them!


8 thoughts on “Tough life, Sunday edition”

  1. That is my kinda roughin’ it. Great mosaic. Boiling water for a couple months sounds like a real pain. Hope they fix it soon. Definitely new skates. Not enough disinfectant in the world 🙂

    1. actually, the stockings serve a purpose – to prevent road rash, so when you go down, you’ll glide along and your skin will stay intact. I didn’t know that! Bill and I have been having great fun thinking up a derby name!

  2. I found a great pair of skates on ebay. Retail for over $200, got them for $27 and shipping. they are not roller derby style though, but suede boots in a traditional style. You just have to watch for a deal.

    1. Lori, I never even thought of looking on eBay. I’m using the (free) rental skates right now – the old-skool style suede hi tops.

  3. Good for you!!!

    Want to give you a special thanks. You were the one who introduced me to Couch to 5K via this blog. I gave the info to my daughter who began the program last November. She has started a running club through her gym and this last sunday she ran her first 10K in Little Rock. . She is 50 lbs lighter and much, much happier. Thanks so much.

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