John Fluevog, I love you!

Because these little delights came in the mail this morning:

Vera Ellen
sooo soft, you just can't imagine!

I had tried on a pair in the brown colour when we were in Vancouver last October, but ultimately went with the F Boot Bobbie (also most excellent and stylin’ in their own way). These are the Vera Ellen boots,  These would be very cute with tights and a skirt.  The colour is as in the website photo, a beautiful blue-toned plum.  Gorg.

The box came wrapped in bright blue paper with Fluevog stickers on either end.  I should have taken a photo, but I was too busy ripping into it.  I put them on and even with my foot that was massacred from roller derby practice last night (well, more like the shite skates I was using), they feel gloriously wonderful.

whimsical little details ... VOG has 'em!

What particularly cracks me up is that Vera Ellen’s waist was about the size of my left thigh.  At least I can have -something- in common with her, now!  🙂


3 thoughts on “John Fluevog, I love you!”

  1. They are gorgeous, I am sooo jealous (they don’t make them small enough for my feet or I would be saving up for some immediately)

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