I could have done without that

On Friday at 5 pm when I was just shutting down work for the week, my entire email inbox disappeared.  Holy shit.  That’s bad, very bad.  Since I got my new laptop set up a couple of weeks ago, (and having downloaded the latest version of Thunderbird, 10.0.2 – which I now believe is a buggy piece of shit) the program has been acting very weird.  Whenever I tried to move things from the inbox to other sub-folders, either it would move it, or it not move it but copy it into the subfolder several times.  When I tried to delete emails, they wouldn’t go.  It kept asking me to compact the folders (like several time an hour).  I was really regretting my decision to not take the time and effort when I was setting up my new laptop to migrate my email into Outlook (the business version).

My work and files are entirely dependent upon emails and I have hundreds of them, possibly into the thousands.   I have sub-folders and sub-sub-folders.  We need to be able to go back 6 or 8 months to pinpoint a specific date or comment or discussion and I need to keep all of these emails.  The inbox serves as a holding folder for items that I have not yet completed action or dealt with.  When Thunderbird tried to compact the folders and instead made my inbox contents completely vanish, I was almost physically sick.

Ava re-enacts my horror.

After almost losing my mind, I calmed down and thought about what to do.  I have two external hard drives that are constantly backing up my data.  I had enough foresight to realize that if I hooked them up to the new laptop at that point, it would likely overwrite the inbox backup with this corrupted inbox, so I didn’t do that.  I got my old laptop, plugged into that and looked at the contents of both back up drives.  One had backed up the inbox at 5:03, just moments before the inbox contents vanished.  I decided to try to copy that, then paste it/overwrite the inbox file on the new laptop.  (It took 30-some minutes to copy onto a jump drive …)

Luckily that worked.  While I was waiting, I was googling for some idea of what the problem is.  I have found that I’m not the only one experiencing these horrible problems with the software.  So continuing with Thunderbird is no longer an option.  For the huge volume of email I deal with daily (and the fact that I have to keep so much of it for so long) I need dependable and working software.  One suggestion that  I found on several pages was that you don’t keep anything in your Thunderbird inbox that you want to keep.  Oh, really?!  Yeah, that’s not gonna work for me.

I know Outlook Express gets a lot of crap (but does anyone use it anymore?  Does it still exist?) but I’ve been using Thunderbird for several years, so I don’t know what the consensus is.  I have the full version of Outlook 2010 but migrating all my emails and contacts over will be a huge hassle because Thunderbird and Outlook don’t play nice together.  I’m still looking into that, but I think that’s what I’ll have to do.  The bonus with that is that I will have the calendar function integrated into the email, so I can easily note and track deadlines.

Apollo wasn't too worried

It took me two hours to get my email back and make sure it was working again.  That was two hours I could have done without experiencing.

Ava is relieved.


12 thoughts on “I could have done without that”

  1. Nothing like computer issues to be a time-suck and ruin your day. Glad you got your stuff back. It’s nice to know that at least one of the kids was worried about their mum’s stress level 🙂

    1. I like Firefox as a web browser, but Mozilla’s latest version of Thunderbird (email client) is just horrible.

  2. And why does stuff like that always seem to happen on a Friday at quitting time? That’s usually when I get a message that my back up system is down or something like that. Glad you were able to get everything back.

    1. Sometimes I do wish I was back working in a big office where you just called the IT guy to fix stuff like this. Home office = me as the IT guy.

  3. I would have had some kind of panic attack! Technology is great when it works, but when it doesn’t, well, things are bad! I quit using Outlook Express when it became an extra cost to get it on the laptop. I don’t miss it! But I don’t use the volume of e-mail that you do, either!

    1. I was teetering on the brink of that! I’m using the full (business) version of Outlook, so hopefully won’t have problems with it and the huge volume of email I am bombarded with. With which I am bombarded …

  4. I feel your pain. I used to have a recurring system crash in Simply Accounting every year; almost always right before yearned. So, because backups at that time were ponderous, using floppy disks, and took as much time as the initial data entry, I rarely did them. Instead, every year end would find me frantically re-entering thousands of transactions as if for the first time. Sometimes technology just plain sucks.

  5. “One suggestion that I found on several pages was that you don’t keep anything in your Thunderbird inbox that you want to keep.” Ahaha, how hilariously unhelpful. What a kool-aid drinking suggestion.

    I have no help, just the observation that Ava is so frikkin’ cute. And you are amazing and resourceful to have technology take such a colossal dump on you but manage to save it all anyway.

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