aging like fine wine

after practice #2:

I love that tape!

The right boot is still digging into my ankle bone, but after practice last night, one of the girls loosened my trucks (oooerrr!) so that they’re more flexible and I should be able to lean and cut without it digging into my ankle.  Once the leather softens up, it should be great.

The big fella came and watched our practice last night.  Now he knows how I end up with all those bruises in all those weird spots on my carcass!  (still bruised and pulling muscles left and right …)

speaking of aging ...

Big boy is slowing down a little more.  He sleeps so deeply and the slightest little click or clunk will startle him and he jumps up.  He is getting shakey in his back legs, but he’s always game for a walk or a ride in the van!  He has to go in for a shot this month; I’m curious how much weight he’s lost since last year.

almost there!

Just a couple of rounds away from starting the toe decreases on sock #2.  Might get it done tonight!

mommy, the sun is too hot on my chest!

From time to time during the work day I have to adjust the blinds in the living room to keep Little Bit comfortable.  Tough life.


3 thoughts on “aging like fine wine”

    1. I’ve just started – two weeks in! I am loving it, but am looking forward to the day when I can get out of bed the next morning and not feel 100 years old!

  1. I love the pirate logo laces and tape. I have never seen roller derby live or on the tellie. Is this a big thing in Canada?

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