Terri O’Scary it is!

I checked the poll results this morning and it’s a pretty decisive win – Terri O’Scary!  I decided to submit my name today instead of waiting until tomorrow.   Excited!!

(it's all a front) Meet Terri O'Scary!

And my jersey (do they call them than in derby?) number will be b00. 🙂  (That photo was taken after a very hot and sweaty practice on Monday night – gross!)


6 thoughts on “Terri O’Scary it is!”

  1. Totally rad, Terri O’Scary! Just don’t scare the Poopers or get hurt! 🙂 The Manager of the Roots store here started training for roller derby about the same time you did. Will have to find out what her handle/name is. Her real name is Kelcie. Hope you have a blast and clobber the opposition.

    1. Thanks, Pat! It’s a lot of fun and a great workout. We have our “benchmarking” testing on April 23 and if that is successfully passed, then one can play in a game/bout.

  2. Needed to check out about roller derby when I read it first here. Never heard of it. Sounds great though! Makes me wanting to get out my roller blades 🙂

  3. I can’t believe I missed the voting for your Roller Derby name! I almost always check your page every few days! Oh well, I like the name you chose. Happy Gotcha Day to Ava too!

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