well, that kinda sucks

So I’ve been spending my very precious and limited knitting time working on my roller derby leg warmers.  I have one completed, and the other is about 2″ into the required 10.  Some of the other girls said we can get them for cheap at Dollarama.  I investigated today:

3 pairs of leg warmers and 3 pairs of fishnets/tights

Sadly, for the price of less than one skein of sock yarn, I got three pairs of leg warmers, two pairs of fishnet stockings and one pair of black footless tights.

Now my motivation to finish the legwarmers has diminished.  Add to that the gorgeous KnitPicks Chroma sock yarn that Rachel sent me a few days ago, and I just want to make some socks!

Another “action” shot from derby:

around the turn

I slightly sprained my ankle at our extra practice on Sunday so I had to dial it back a little this week.  Taking a three day break until practice on Monday should put it all to rights again!


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