Legwarmers done

I finished up my legwarmers on the weekend.

too pretty to wreck

I used two strands of sock yarn, 3.5 mm needles and a cast on of 72 stitches.  I worked a tube of 2×2 ribbing for 10″ then cast off.  The sock yarn is pretty durable, but in a surreptitious examination of my teammates’ leg warmers, they are going to get holes and ripped to shreds if I actually wear them during practice or a bout.

artsy-fartsy misfire ...

When I was setting the camera to monochrome for this shot:

old man, sunbathing

Apollo will spend the late morning and afternoon on the beds in front of the window.  The sun streams in and the warmth must feel good on his arthritic joints.  He will lay there, panting, but won’t get up and move someplace cooler unless I make him.

[ETA:  he had his annual check up a week or so ago.  It didn’t go well.  Our usual vet is on maternity leave and one of the other vets did the exam.  For some reason, he insisted on lifting Ava up on the exam table, when the other three vets that have seen the dogs just examine them on the floor.  He did Ava first.  Before I knew what he was doing, he tried to lift Apollo up.  I would have stopped him if I had realized what he was doing.

Of course Apollo freaked out a little.  The vet didn’t even grab him correctly to lift – he scooped his forearm right under poor Apollo’s man parts and because Apollo freaked out, the vet then said that there must be something wrong with his bladder, tried to grab him again (WTF?!) and instead of just examining him on the floor, insisted we had to go outside to collect a urine sample.  By now Apollo was quite wary of the vet and when he saw him reaching under him with a cup-on-a-stick, he showed his teeth to him.

Vet did the urinalysis and of course there was nothing wrong.  He didn’t even finish the exam.  I wasn’t too impressed with that.  We’ll take him back, but ask to see a different vet.  There’s nothing “wrong” with him, just that he’s achey and old.  I was curious about his weight, because I feel he’s lost a lot of muscle tone in and around his shoulders and chest.  He weighed in at 84 pounds.  Last year was 81 (but that was after we lost Sabrina and poor Apollo was depressed), and previous years: 87, 84, 84.  Ava weighed in at 58, up from 55 last year.]

then there's this one

She will moan and grumble until I come from my office and lower the blinds so the sun isn’t so hot on her.

and my cool 'chocolate' derby socks!

I was torn whether I should go back to working on my West Coast Sunset socks, but in the end decided to use that beautiful Knit Picks Chroma that Rachel sent me and I’ve paired it with some solid black sock yarn and am going to make another pair of Noro Stripey Socks (but not Noro).


3 thoughts on “Legwarmers done”

  1. Thankfully, my vet always get down on the floor with the dogs. I guess some vets don’t learn their “bedside manner” very well. He probably wouldn’t like to be picked up under his “man-parts” either, LOL.

  2. I have never heard of trying to lift a grey on the table for examination. Especially by his man parts. Don’t they teach vets bedside manners in school? Poor Ava, I guess it’s easier to get you to close the blinds than move off the couch 🙂

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