Sask Cup Roller Derby

Last night a bunch of us went to Saskatoon to watch the 2012 “Sask Cup” roller derby.  They had an invitational scrimmage before the main game.  The two teams for the scrimmage (which has all the regulations and time periods, etc. of an official bout) were made up of benchmarked players from other leagues who didn’t have enough players to make up a team of their own.  We had three skaters from our league that took part.

This is our second night of derby watching.  I got a lot more out of it because I now understand the rules and what’s going on and what all the whistles mean.  The big fella is also becoming quite a fan and understanding the game.

I also took about 250 photos, but I was having trouble finding a shutter/aperture combination that would work.  Either the shutter was too slow or I couldn’t focus on the player.  I ended up setting my iso to the highest (1600) and using an aperture priority mode of 1/250.  Still not great, but workable.  I need to go through them all and cull down to the best ones.  I’ll put an album online of those.


3 thoughts on “Sask Cup Roller Derby”

  1. I so don’t understand roller derby. Every time I think about it my tailbone hurts, and that’s before strapping on skates and landing on my ass. Sigh….some of us are just meant to be armchair athletes, I guess.
    That being said, good on you for taking it up! Has there been any resurgence of men’s derby that the Big Fella could join?

    1. You’re not supposed to fall on your tailbone! That’s why our coach is always yelling at us to be in derby stance. Then if you fall, you’ll fall forward where all the protective equipment is. Next time we go to the city to watch a game, you should join us!

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