Another crazy-busy week.  I haven’t had a lot of time to do any knitting, but I did make a bit of slow progress on my socks:

the Chroma is sooo soft!

I love the colour progression and I’m glad I chose the solid black as the second colour.

fast dog, slowing down

Old Apollo!  He sleeps, grunts, groans, farts.  He is slowing down, but he’s always excited for a walk (slow) or a ride in the van.

although he keeps falling into the Grand Canyon of dog beds

This morning, the poopers had their weekly visit to the pet store to be adored and fawned over.  And of course to get cookies!  Now they are zonked out for the rest of the day.

Our derby league has our benchmarking test on Monday.  This is for all of the new skaters to show that they have the minimum required skills to enable us to play in bouts.  We did a run-through earlier this week and on Tuesday I did my 25-in-5 (25 laps of the track in 5 minutes) so I am confident in that.  There’s a couple of little things I’m not as strong on, but I think I’ll be able to pass.  My ankle is still not 100%.  I wanted to get out today for an outdoor skate just to get some skating time in, but the weather is being petulant.  The forecast last night called for clear, sunny weather and mid-teen temps, but we woke up to a cloudy, drizzly day.  It’s started to clear, but it’s still not very nice out.  Maybe tomorrow.


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