On Monday night we had our skills testing (aka benchmarking) at roller derby.  We have to pass the WFTDA minimum skills requirements before we are allowed to play in a bout.  I was fairly confident that I would do okay, but with my ankle still a little weak, there were a few things on which I felt less-than-stellar.  However, it all went fabulously and I (and all the rest of us) passed!  Woo!  And I did 26 laps in 5 minutes.  I could have pushed it and done 27, but I would have had to cut in front of the other two girls on the track and I didn’t want any of us to fall.

Now I feel FAR from ready to play in a game, but we will work towards that at our practices now.  We have to do the written component tomorrow night at practice, but I feel very good about that.

Work continues to be extremely busy.  Knitting time is limited.  I am working on the stripey sock heel flap:

stripey socks
stripey socks

Hopefully I can spend some quality time with my knitting on the weekend!


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