All work and no play

Well, I do make a point of going to derby practice three times a week.  That’s pretty much non-negotiable.  Last week and so far this week work is insanely crazy.  We have several files with a deadline of Monday, so we’re all pushing hard to get it all done.  Exhausting!

Derby is going well.  Tonight we did some scrimmaging and drill work and I’m feeling glimmers of understanding and like I know what I am doing or should be doing.  Cool!  (note to self:  buy more ibuprofen)

I did get the heel turned on my sock and started the gusset decreases.  But only a couple stripes in.

Small things that make me happy:

wave lotion

I was in Shoppers Drug Mart last week and happened to see this.  I really like Marc Anthony product, but his other line of curl products didn’t really do much for me.  So I thought I’d give this a try.

works pretty good!

I like that it leaves my curls soft and non-crunchy.  There is also a spray in the product line, as well as shampoo and conditioner.  I’ve never been one to buy into expensive shampoos (i.e. I buy whatever is under $3) but this makes a big difference.

curly girl

The products are classified as “sulfate free” so that’s supposed to be better for your hair and make it softer and curlier.  I am trying out the “no bangs” look.  In all my life, I don’t think I’ve ever NOT had bangs.  The goal is to get it all one length, cut into a chin length bob.  I’ve had my stylist keep bringing the back up so the sides and bangs will catch up.  Getting there!  I keep the “bangs” swept to the side with a barrette because I HATE hair in my eyes!

ETA:  found this photo that shows the last time I didn’t have bangs.  I’m the goofball on the right.

nice hair ribbons, bitch!

Probably in about Grade 3?  8 y.o.?


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