not missing, just busy

Ah, I remember the before-time … where I actually had time to knit!

chugging along

It’s certainly taking me a long time, but I like how these socks are turning out.  The colourway is turning into a neony green next, so that will look good against the solid black.  Probably the other sock will be more blue/purpley.

Work continues to be absolutely hectic and insane.  Everything’s a deadline.  I am going to Beijing in about 1o days, so in addition to keeping on top of my files here, I’ve been preparing for our trip there.  Lots of things to get finished before then and we’ll be very busy once we get there.  Panic is lurking around the corner!

in other news, the greyhounds are content (if contorted)

– and –

old Apollo is old.

Roller derby continues to rock.  I actually had my ankle x-rayed on Tuesday because it is still bothering me.  The doctor didn’t call back, so I assume the x-ray showed nothing other than I need to let it rest and heal.  It can rest when I’m in China and will miss out on 5 or 6 practices.  I’m going to be very sad to miss that.  In the meantime, I tape it up well and wear a neoprene brace on top of that so it’s well supported when we skate.

I have list after list for my trip and packing.  I would like to take some socks to knit on the 18 hour flight, but I don’t think I’ll take the beautiful stripey socks.  Two balls of yarn in an airplane seat sounds like trouble to me.  I’ll either take the West Coast Sunset socks out of hibernation or cast on something new.  I doubt I’ll have any time to knit once we get there, but at least I’ll have something on hand if the opportunity arises.


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