It’s been a little light

on the hound and knitting posts lately.  Well, actually ANY posts lately.  But in exchange for working all the time, our mortgage balance is now under $20,000!  Working hard FTW!

The other night I did have some time to pick up my knitting.  Instead of picking up one of the two pairs of socks I have underway, I dug out the Cranberry Capelet (Ravelry link) I had started many months ago. (Just checked my project page – I cast on November 6, 2011 for this!)  I messed up some of the Make 1 increases when I last worked on it, but I think I can duplicate stitch over them to fix it, instead of ripping back to the ribbing and doing the set up rows again.

Cascade 220 Heathers in “aporto” #4009

It’s actually a pretty easy pattern to remember.  The only time you have to pay attention is the center cable chart.

After Ava got over her astonishment that I had returned from China:

“well, you COULD get me a cookie …”

She’s hilarious.  She’ll loiter around the “cupboard o’ plenty” and if I don’t pay her any attention, she’ll start with the most pathetic little whine you’ve ever heard.

it’s all happy times until it’s time for the Thundershirt!

We haven’t had any real big thunderstorms yet this year, but there was a couple of near storms that had the Little Bit feeling anxious.

the big galoot isn’t bothered at all

Except that he keeps falling in the crater between the two beds.

Ava prefers the couch, for the most part.

I think this is my new favourite photo of Apollo:

how can you NOT want to kiss that nose?

Such a handsome old fella.  He’s slowing down so much now.  He’s still game to go for short, slow walks and spends the majority of his time sleeping (very deeply).  He -is- almost 12.  I think he’s pretty healthy but has his aches and pains and arthritic hip/knee.  He is losing muscle tone, but is happy and content. My big handsome boy.

I have wheel problems:

NOT made in Canada!

I ordered some different outdoor wheels.  Instead of ordering from the usual FABULOUS place, I tried a different online vendor.  When I was looking through the wheels, I saw some that were advertised as being made in Canada.  I -thought- those were the ones I’d ordered, but when I checked after I received them in the mail, these weren’t actually the ones.  I got confused.

We had a derby team outdoor photoshoot on Monday, so I was swapping out my indoor wheels for the outdoor ones.  I got five of the eight wheels on when the last three wouldn’t go on (wheel on the left).  I didn’t have enough axle left to fasten the lug nut tight enough to keep the wheel from flinging off.  WTF?!  I tried pounding that mofo bearing in there over and over with a variety of implements, but there’s no way I could get the bearing to recess like they did on the rest of the wheels (wheel on the right).

I decided to measure the recessed part in the back of the wheel and the little lip on the wheels on the left was only about 5 mm deep and on the right it was 8 mm deep.  I emailed the company and they said they’d send me three new wheels, but I am thinking it would be just as likely to get three more crappily manufactured wheels.  I suspect these come in a big bin from China because the wheels arrived loose, not packaged in a set of 8 like all the other wheels I’ve bought.

In the meantime, I ordered some other outdoor wheels from Rollergirl, but these are not 70 mm tall like the blue ones above.  I really wanted the 70mm tall ones, not the 65 mm I already have and are coming.  But the Atoms are supposed to be pretty fast, so we’ll see.


6 thoughts on “It’s been a little light”

  1. The Poopers look great – glad the Thundershirt works well. Apollo’s nose is cuddly and like Sharon said, “just crying out to be kissed”. Hug and kiss them for me.

  2. Wow! We are impressed by your mortgage balance, that is fantastic!

    Ava is a vision of loveliness, as ever. And Apollo is as handsome as a god. A soft, sleepy, sweet and slow god.

  3. 20k!? You are legend! That’s less than a car. Yeesh.

    For all the rain we get here, we rarely get thunder. I’m lucky that way.

    I love Ava’s expectant face. There’s a hound who knows that it’s all about her.

  4. We should get Apollo and Attie together. They could be like two old people, comparing aches and pains and then nodding off. They’re at the same place in life.

    Congrats on the reduction of the mortgage. Isn’t it a great feeling that the end is in sight?

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