hounds abound … again!

Yay!  It was greyhound visiting day again yesterday.

It’s Ruby and Elsa!

Our friends from La Ronge had to come to town yesterday and we made arrangements for a greyhound play date.  This is as active as it gets with greyhounds.

I think I need a fisheye lens to get them all in the frame.

Our friends dropped the girls off and had a couple of things to do.  I think Ruby and Elsa were worried that they were being left for a while, but once Auntie Terri started handing out the cookies, it was all good.

we like it here!

I love these hounds!  Ruby reminds me so much of Sarah Foster.

she’s a silly, goofy girl!

Beautiful Elsa is almost the same age as Apollo and they share some similar life history – both were double bounce backs before they found their forever homes.

behind you!!! serial killer!!

Ava got a little stroppy with Ruby’s joy de vivre from time to time, but was fine with Ruby’s mom ear scritching and belly/brisket rubbing for HOURS!

Big Boy surveys his harem.

(Don’t his legs look 2 miles long there?!)

We had a great evening and fabulous supper – sooo full!  Steak, etc. topped off with molten lava cakes with ice cream and fresh raspberries.  (I use this recipe here, but instead of the semisweet chocolate squares, I use the Baker’s Gold 70% squares (smaller gold box, not the big red Baker’s box).  Sooooo delicious!

This week has been particularly bad at work – very hectic, looming deadlines and much stress and pressure.  I’m so glad I have my derby girls to knock around/knock me around to burn off some of the stress and aggression.

We’re actually having a bake sale on Saturday, so any PA readers, come on down to the 1200 block of Central Ave and find our booth!  Good eats!


8 thoughts on “hounds abound … again!”

  1. If I were close enough to come to one of your bake sales, I would be there in a heart beat!

    Your visitors are so cute! It makes me wish we had a few more hounds around here. *sigh*

    1. Max, that’s a fairly common misconception. They’re not called “the 45 mph couch potato” for nothing! Of course the older they get, the more lazy they are. But when we got Sabrina as a 4 year old, she liked a nice walk, but as soon as we were done, she was back on the couch for a 4 hour nap. Think of them as a sprinter vs a marathon runner; short bursts of energy!

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