more derby photos

We had our favourite photographer come out and take some more “team” photos of our derby team. Not action shots this time, but more like posed portraits. They turned out really, really well. Good. Grammar … sigh.

The photos were taken by Shaun Savage and you can see the full (and growing) set on his Facebook page here.

showing my … assets! LOL!

We didn’t have our whole team there, so we’ll have to redo the team shots, but here are the ones taken that night:

Some of the girls

We have about twice this number of active skaters, but we are always recruiting!

some of our derby names

Left to right:  Nemesis, Terri O’Scary, Sockeye Salmon, NumbHer CruncHer, Road Run-her, Block Lobster, Bombcat, Mamajuana.

we want you

We are the NorSask Roller Derby “Diefen-Break-Hers” and we want YOU!

the big fella

He’s been helping out with the coaching and reffing.  (We still have to get him off the inlines and onto quad skates …)

both of us

6 thoughts on “more derby photos”

  1. You and the Big Fella look great. Derby must be a lot of fun. Know a girl here who is doing it also. She loves it. I loved the pics of the multiple “great”hounds the other day. Enjoy!

  2. Especially love the last picture. Could go on your Christmas card this year. imagine the elderly relatives…

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