Stop the world, I wanna get off

It’s been a crazy, crazy couple of weeks.  We’ve been pushing really hard at work to meet some deadlines, the big fella was away for a week, we had ridiculously crappy weather with numerous severe thunderstorms (and a 22 hour power outage), and in the midst of all this, a very scary medical incident with my dad.  Thankfully he’s back at home after having some work/upgrades to his heart!  Say what you will about our Canadian health care system, if you are truly in need of emergency help and operations, you will get it.

On June 24th, seven of us “NorSask Diefen-Break-Hers” drove four hours to go play in a derby scrimmage.  Think “pick up game” where whomever shows up and wants to play gets split into two teams, and we play.  It was my first scrimmage/game.  I was pretty nervous until we actually started skating.

me realizing that I have the wrong wheels for this track surface. I couldn’t do a plow stop. Oh crap.


warming up

We got split up into white and black teams; three of us on white and four on black.

LOL – I love what a dorkstick I am. “Deer in the headlights” look perfected!

(I’m wearing the red/white striped socks)

Terri O’Scary goes down.

Ms. Purple Socks who took me out, also wiped out herself and took out another white player.

I got a new DSLR – I wanted to get one that had a higher ISO setting.  My current one will go to 1600, but I wanted one that went higher for derby photos.  I don’t want to have to use a flash, and sometimes there’s not enough light to get a sharp photo.  The camera I was interested in was on sale for $150 off last weekend and I also had lined up a buyer for my “old” DSLR.  Serendipity!

watch out for the Zombie eye! Don’t look!

Used in conjunction with my wonderful 24 mm f/1.4 lens, it’s a beautiful thing.


We had another series of thunderstorms today.  Ava is not happy.

Is it over yet?!

That photo above is using the 6400 ISO, so it’s quite grainy.  However, the living room was pretty dark, so considering I didn’t use a flash, it’s not bad.  Oh, and Apollo ripped off his left dew claw and it was hanging there for a day, but then it just disappeared.  He either ate it (he was licking it like crazy) or it fell off when he was in the yard doing his business.  It’s better that it’s off because it was snagging and every time it touched something he’d yelp out.  Poor boy.  So the nail will slowly grow back.  Sabrina ripped off one of her nails just going down our carpeted stairs in Waskesiu and it bled a lot but once the damaged nail had fallen off, it was much less painful for her.

With yesterday being a stat holiday (?? what are those??) we didn’t have anyone turn out for derby practice, so the big fella and I went for an outdoor skate with one of the girls.  It was great, except I wiped out hard on some gravel on the paved trail and now have a lovely big patch of road rash on my outer thigh.  My fishnets actually got burned into my skin a little bit.  Yowch!

And now for something completely different, I’m going to knit!


6 thoughts on “Stop the world, I wanna get off”

  1. It all looks pretty exciting and I love the sound of your camera!

    When we have one crack a dew claw, we bandage it with Vet Wrap and in a day or two it comes off and all is good again. You don’t want that nerve ripping off with the nail!

  2. I tried to get pics at a derby once, and though my 7D had high enough ISO, my lens wasn’t very fast. That was the impetus for buying a couple of fast lenses 🙂

  3. Great pics – weather is a mixed bag all across the country – hope Apollo’s claw is getting better now – our boxer still had his dew claws and they used to get caught on our clothes. More importantly – lol – I Love Apollo’s Nose – there is something about it – LOL. Have a great day, Terri.

    1. oh Ande, I only wish I could have a hooky day. I posted that last night and got to knit for about 3 rounds before I had to go to bed. 😦

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