Crazy train still rollin’ along

Busy, busy, busy.

But we did have pooper bath time on Saturday.  It’s been unbearably hot here the past week or so.  When we can, we like to bath the hounds outside on the deck so it’s less of a mess to clean up.  Apollo takes it all in stride, but Ava was devastated that we wanted to bath her.

Apollo’s neck ruff turns into a mohawk after his baths

Ava didn’t even really do after-bath zoomies.  She jumped up and down on the couch then burrowed into her bed and rubbed her face on the blanket until she was dry.

I don’t like the bath

Later on we took them for a walk (very slowly due to the gross heat) and brushed them a little more on the river bank.  They are sooo soft.  And Apollo, while he never looked dirty, he is remarkably sparkling white now!

having a bath is hard work

And poor Ava:

momma, how could you?!

And Friday night after a looong hectic work week:

oooh, purple glitter letters!

 I’ve had the sticky letters for a long time, but just never had time to put them on my helmet.  The big fella wanted some put on his helmet, but I convinced him to go with shiny gold letters (the  design on his helmet is gold on black) for his derby name.

Knitting?  Yeah, I did a little on Sunday.  Still working on that capelet and still not happy about my Make 1 increases.  Oh well. I’ll love wearing it when it’s done regardless.

I am going out of town for work for three nights/four days on Sunday.  I have a LOT to do before then, both work and at home.  Yikes.  When are things going to slow down?!


3 thoughts on “Crazy train still rollin’ along”

  1. We now bathe our guys outside too since there is minimal cleanup. They don’t really seem dirty or rough until they get a bath, and you see how soft and shiny they can be.

  2. Beautiful and handsome clean Poopers! They look lovely and soft! The purple glitter letters rock! Your opponents will know who to avoid! LOL Have a great day!

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