Oh! (Air) Canada

how I hate you.  Yes, I know, I loved you for upgrading me to first class on my Beijing to Canada flight, but domestically, you STILL SUCK.  I had a quick business trip to Vancouver on Sunday, returned today.  The only reason I booked with Air Canada for the outbound flight was because they had a direct flight for which I didn’t have to get up leave the house at 4 a.m. and still got into YVR early enough so I had the day to visit with Ande and do some things.

The flight was on a crappy little regional jet, the seats were uncomfortable, my seatmate was stinky and gross and why, WHY, can’t Air Canada push back from the gate on time?!  Every Air Cda flight I’ve been on has been late departing.  Always.  WestJet seems to have no problem leaving on time.  Anyway …

As soon as I landed on Sunday, we headed out for breakfast at the Red Wagon:

pulled pork pancakes with Jack Daniels infused syrup.

Then we headed out to one place that has been getting a good portion of my paycheque lately:


Then we had to go to John Fluevog’s to drop off my Heidi boots to see if they could stretch out the calves a little more.  And who can go to the Vog store without trying on some shoes?  Well, not Ande and me.  I picked up a super-cute pair of these:

Bellevue “Pearl Heart”

I normally gravitate to black/brown (and lately purple) but they didn’t have the black in a 7.5, but they did have the black/natural at the Gastown location.  So we trekked over there and I picked them up.  I thought they would look cute with the dress I had brought for my presentation Monday afternoon.  What I didn’t anticipate was walking briskly the 1 km from our fancy hotel to the private club where the seminar was being held.  After being on my feet all afternoon and further walking around to find a pub, then back to the hotel, by the time I took them off, my left foot was completely numb and my right toes were tingling.  They should be well on their way to being broken in, though!  The shoes themselves were very comfy, it was the partially elasticized cross strap over the instep was causing the discomfort.

Sunday night my boss and I went out for a business supper at a lovely Japanese restaurant.  I managed to find a beef hot pot to eat instead of the several “boats” of sushi that the table had ordered.

The hotel we were staying in was quite luxurious.  I loved it!

snack drawer in the mini bar

Late at night, those mini Oreos taunted me and I gave in.  Instead of the $7 I thought they would be, when I checked out, they were “only” $5.  🙂

Can almost see the ocean; the Lion’s Gate Bridge at least!

After our work on Monday, we met up with Ande and went for supper and to hear Jim play.

Crème Brûlée

While we had a day of business on Monday, I stayed an extra day Tuesday to pack all my vacation fun for 2012 into one day with Ande.  It was a blast!  While she picked me up from the airport in a convertible Mustang, Monday night and all day Tuesday we were riding in style in a loaded black Cadillac Escalade.  Air! Conditioned! Seats!!  Perfect!

We covered a lot of ground – it was awesome!  After hitting up the fur store (and cracking up over the anorexic old girl with the indeterminate European accent who kept steering us to the “inexpensive” and clearance racks), we went to Save On Meats for lunch.

Typical Ande & Terri moment

Fortified with one of the best burgers I’ve had (and for only $6), we carried on.  This is in a bit of the sketchier parts of Hastings Street.  A few doors down was what I called the “whore store” – it’s the hooker/stripper shoe and clothing store.  But they had some great tights and fishnets for derby!

We made a stop at Ande’s to check on the grrrls.

Ella, Ruby and Sarah!

We hit up the yarn store and found some great sock yarns and a couple of new patterns to try for a shawl and a skirt.  You know, for sometime in the future when I have time to knit again … 😦

So because we HAD to go back to the Vog Mothership to pick up my boots, we had to try some more shoes on.  I was completely taken unawares by these beauties, so they came home with me, too.  Imagine them with a wide leg dress pant.

Fluevog “Adrian Amanda”

We decided to try out the new Memphis Blues BBQ House location downtown on Robson.

BBQ makes Ande manic!

ha ha ha:

Ande and her fab new sweater, attacking a combo platter at Memphis Blues
It’s deja vu, all over again! (May 2009)

We had to walk that off, so we hit up Chapters, etc.

I had to be up at 5:30 this morning to check out and get to the airport, so we had an early night of it.  Awesome day with my awesome friend!  I’m sure I missed something in there, but it was a blast.

And tomorrow it will be back to my regularly scheduled panic!


6 thoughts on “Oh! (Air) Canada”

  1. Sounds like a great time, sans Air Canada. How is Canadian BBQ? We Southerners can be snobs about that 🙂 As for corns, the doggie kind, the tool you used is perfectly fine. Ava looked like she enjoyed her spa day of soaking and corn removal.

    1. Gyeong, it’s actually southern bbq. The guys who opened up this restaurant toured all over the American South checking out different styles of BBQ. What a tough job that would have been. So it’s more Memphis BBQ than Texan or Kansasian? Kansan? At least I think that’s what it said in their cookbook, which I have but which is all the way down the hall in the kitchen!

  2. Yay trip, yay Ande (hi Ande), yay 2 pairs of Fluevogs – lucky you – Boo Air Canada – otherwise, fantastic trip. Glad you both had a great time. Southern BBQ is awesome! Pancakes, complete with Jack Daniels look awesome. Those “bleep” Regional Jets were never intended for anything more than a 20-minute flight. They are like sitting on half a seat and the rest of you is left hanging! 😦

  3. Not being a shoe afficianado, all I can say is, wow, they’re cute and I wouldn’t have the first idea where to start looking for shoes! I also wouldn’t have thought to check out the hookerwear store for fishnets. Research? You rock.

    I totally agree about Air Canada, but I read recently that Westjet is considering reconfiguring their planes to allow for a business class in the front, and squeezier seats in coach. I guess they decided that communism doesn’t work in the long run, and that we are not all equal when talking air travel. Pouty face here.

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