united in thunder

We woke up this morning to our basement carbon monoxide/smoke detector freaking out.  I have a love/hate relationship with it.  I love it because it’s wired in with a battery back up.  But I hate it because it has a battery back up.  When the power goes out, it flips out for a while shrieking at us in English and en Francais – Low Battery!!  Pile faible!!   Carbon Monoxide!! Monoxyde de carbone!!  Gaaaahhh!

We ripped it off the wall – I knew it wasn’t the battery because I had just replaced it after our big power outage.  But in the interests of elimination, I put another new battery in it and it still rambled on.  We read the fine print on the back and it said if it was beeping once and not in succession, it had come to the end of its life.  It was installed in 2004.

So the big fella bought an identical one on sale at Canadian Tire and we just popped it back up on the wall.  At least now we have a manual so we can silence its manic, random beeping.

Anywaaaaay, the first trauma of the morning was averted,but then the thunder started rumbling.  Thundershirt on Ava asap, but she was still trying to stand in the corner of the bedroom in between the night stand, the wall and the closet door.  Apollo even came into the bedroom looking for reassurance, so he jumped up on the bed and Ava snuggled up behind him.

pillows -just- so


Last night at derby we had 6 or 7 girls from the Saskatoon team that came to skate at our practice.  It was awesome!  We learned a lot about pack work and strategies when we scrimmaged.  It was again stifling hot in there; the heat just sucks the strength right out of me.  I’m sure we all lost 5 pounds from sweating.

However, I did feel inept after the scrimmaging.  So much to think about and remember and watch.  But then as the big fella said, these girls have been skating for 4 or 5 years, so I have time to learn more (after my four months).

Starting to freak out a little about our rookie scrimmage in Saskatoon on Saturday, though!!


3 thoughts on “united in thunder”

  1. Heh, I love your panicky polyglot CO detector…from a distance. :). And listen to the Big Guy, he makes an excellent point, just because you’re used to mastering things within minutes… 😉

  2. Don’t be freakin’ out. I will be there in the stands cheering ( probably at inappropriate intervals). How bad can you be? At least you’re out there.

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