Derby Night In Canada

Last night four teammates and I went to Saskatoon to play in the rookie scrimmage.  It was so much fun!!  We played the Saskatoon Roller Derby rookie team, the Rockettes.  It was a great game, wonderful experience and I learned a lot.

Terri O’Scary


I have more photos that I will post/link to later.  We had an incredibly busy week.  Yesterday we had another street fair booth that we attended from 8:30 until we had to leave to drive to Saskatoon at 2:45.  We had to be at the venue at 4, equipment check at 5, then the whistle  blow at 5:30.  We stayed after to watch the “main event” bout, which was also incredibly good!

Tomorrow we have a float in the local exhibition parade.  We will skate alongside.  The weather looks good for tomorrow, no rain storms!


5 thoughts on “Derby Night In Canada”

  1. Roller Derby looks such fun! We dont really have it over here in the UK, in fact I dont think we have any! I love the idea of speeding round the track and scoring points! 🙂

    Jerra x

    1. Actually, there are quite a few leagues in the UK! If there’s one near you, you should go check it out! It’s also an amazing spectator sport.

  2. I just recently discovered there is a roller derby league here (Dieppe, NB). I was checking out their web site and laughing at their names. I didn’t realize when you were picking your name out that there was a list of names so you didn’t use someone else’s.

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