I’ve run out of candle

I’ve been burning the candle at both ends, but last night I ran out.  I’m taking today off.  My work contract calls for a base of 40 hours a week, regardless of stats.  But I decided to take the $$ loss and not work today.  I need to try to recharge, especially after the past few weeks which have been sooo busy.

We have been busy with derby; lots of community events, recruiting and fundraising.  We had our booth at another street fair:

some of us girls at the booth

The theme was “Main Street 1912” so we were selling candied apples, stick candy, cotton candy, etc. and as always, spreading the word about derby.  Our coach made the “candied apple” stand.  Isn’t it great?!

We had to pack up early and five of us rushed down to Saskatoon to play in a rookie scrimmage that evening.  The Saskatoon Roller Derby League had arranged a bout between their rookie team, the Rockettes, vs rookies from across the province.  We played on the black team.

My teammate took a lot of great photos with my camera, the album can been viewed here.  Here are a couple of my favourites (as well as that one I posted in the post below):

Judy came to watch!

Judy expanded her horizons and came to watch our bout and stayed for the “main event” after.  I had one person cheering me on in the stands!  Although, when I’m on the track I don’t actually hear the spectators.  Weird, huh?

this cracks me up every time I see it

I got a major penalty out of this.  The skater that is partially obscured by the black player in front is the jammer.  I tried to lean her off the track, out of bounds, but it didn’t work, so I ended up falling and in the process back blocked her (you can’t touch any part of the opponent’s back) and because my legs were impeding the other skaters, that was low-blocking.

doing it right

Here I managed to stay in front of the jammer and was booty blocking her.  This girl was such a tenacious jammer.  We had a line of four black players for a lot of her jam and she just kept trying and trying to get through. She did an awesome job!

You can see more photos by Shaun Savage (our favourite derby photog) here

getting ready

and another set by Mike Trottier here.

that striped helmet cover means I was the “pivot” for that jam. Supposed to tell everyone what to do!

There are lots of great photos in both of those sets.  Our team won by a close margin – it was a great game, good experience and I learned a lot (such as how much more I need to learn).

While I did a lot of things wrong, I did do some things right:

booty block, FTW!

The girl directly behind me with the pink star on her helmet is the opposing team’s jammer and I booty blocked her!  I was proud of that one!

The next thing on the derby schedule was our team’s participation in our city’s “summer fair” parade.  We had an awesome (we thought) float:

it’s alive!

Our giant purple roller skate, direct from China!  That thing was amazing.  We skated the route alongside the float and truck, handing out business cards and tattoos for the kids.

the banner

The batteries died on the camera before we could get a shot of the banner from the front.

That was Monday night, and I had another hectic work week.  On Saturday afternoon one of my teammates and I went all over town hanging our team poster with recruitment information.

Yesterday was the Centennial of Flight air show here.  The big fella and five of his colleagues were in red serge for the event.  I went mostly to see the “Miss Mitchell” B25.  What an awesome old war bird.

I took quite a few photos, lots of the group, but I don’t feel comfortable posting the group ones online (privacy issues for the members).  Here are the ones I put up on Facebook, and some of my favourites:

it was nice and cool in the shade and wind

There were several vintage planes there:

the big fella with two (of three) Harvards

the star of the show:

Miss Mitchell!

and after she landed:

the sound of those engines – amazing!

The airshow was a bit disorganized, but it’s always great to see and hear these classic, vintage planes!

The poopers are fine.  Apollo had a dental about 10 days ago.  As always, we worry about the anesthetic, but he came through just fine.  He was pretty wobbly/wonky when we went to pick him up, so we slung him out of the vet office, into the van, then from the van into the house and rolled him onto the bed in the living room:


He was groggy until the next morning and by that evening he was back to normal.

is there chicken in the kitchen?

So today I’m trying to unwind, relax and recharge.  We should have derby practice tonight, we’ll see who is in town and how many show up!


6 thoughts on “I’ve run out of candle”

  1. Just recorded ‘Brutal Beauty: Tales of the Rose City Rollers’ on the DVR. It’s a documentary about an Oregon-based roller derby team. Hoping to get some insight into the derby world. Glad to see your pups are doing ok. Think a couple of mine need dentals soon. Hate worrying about anesthesia.

  2. The 17-55 f/2.8 IS USM was the first lens I got with the 7D. It is on my camera the majority of the time. Takes great pictures. Love that I can get a decent wide-angle on it. It also has IS which the 24-70L does not. But it is an EF-S lens, and it is built better than most, but not L build quality. All my in-the-house pics are with the 17-55, and it focuses instantly and give sharp photos. The lens creep can be a bit bothersome, but picture quality is great.

  3. The Harvards were in town here a couple of weeks ago and unfortunately, we found out too late to go out to the aiport to see the. The next morning,however, I heard one and had a pretty good view of one of them flying along the river – spectacular! Glad the Poopers are doing well and hope Apollo has recovered from the “dentist”. Nice pics of you, the team and the Big Fella. Take care.

  4. A day off? That’s crazy talk.

    I enjoyed the Derby, and have told Mike he’ll be coming with me next time. Hi to the Big Fella and the poopers.

  5. How awesome that Judy came to see you! You deserve a day off and glad you took one!
    Derby skills are improving, that’s great! Airshow, great! Big inflatable roller skate, great!

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