Cranberry Capelet photos

Got some photos in the daylight:

very happy with how this turned out!

And the big fella managed to take photos close up and not three blocks away!

back detail

Although I had to give him the stink-eye to get him to come closer:

Don’t mess with Terri O’Scary

Actually, the colour in that photo above is almost perfectly true to real life colour.

Beer time:

dainty Ava just takes a few ladylike sips

Apollo is a champ:

Apollo loves beer!


Skulky McSkulkerson


Where’s the beer?

5 thoughts on “Cranberry Capelet photos”

  1. Your Cranberry Capelet turned out lovely. Ava and Apollo certainly love their beer. My aunt and uncle had a boxer who loved beer. Our boxer was never offered any – he probably would have liked it also. Have a great weekend. Love the picture of Skulky (Ava’s) nose. Gotta love those Poopers!

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