Rufus, we need to talk

In his seven days here with us, Rufus has amused me with his penchant for taking things from one place in the house and putting them somewhere else.  After searching all morning on Friday for my make up bag, I did laugh when I found it between the two dog beds in the living room.  Underneath Ava.

Seeing a flattened Kleenex box that was taken from the kitchen recycling bin and placed carefully on my office chair – funny!  Seeing my socks go from beside my bed to one being behind the garbage can in my office and the other on the back of the couch in the living room – funny!


the KnitPicks Chroma that I’ve been using for a pair of socks

I finished sock #1 late last night and had cast on for #2 using the black.  The Chroma is the striping contrast colour.  This morning I was reading in bed and heard/saw Rufie go up and down the hallway in his usual post-walk gallumping.  At one point I saw his new toy, picked up at the pet store yesterday, in his mouth and heard it squeaking.  Then he made a few more rounds, and I didn’t actually see what he was carrying.

D’oh!  The yarn was in my knitting bag (all three of which are behind the lazy boy knitting chair).  I guess I need to start zipping them up now.  I threatened to send him back.  He’s amazingly unconcerned at the prospect.  He was all, “look what I did, momma!!”

sock #1

From yesterday’s adventures:

he knows nothing. NOTHING!

8 thoughts on “Rufus, we need to talk”

  1. uh oh! did you see that Whoopie Goldberg movie where she gets her dress caught in the shredder and she shouts ‘not the crutch! not the crutch!’ … well, ‘not the yarn! not the yarn!’…

    do greyhounds shed alot? i am going loopey over here with dog hair overload…a pug mix and an english bulldog, i need to be cheered up! maybe it’s the food???

  2. For years I always knew where I could find one of my shoes (the dog bed) because pairs never stayed together). Yes, I love having a hound that moves things around. It almost always makes me laugh even when it is something I don’t want hauled around. The yarn is trickier. When you start closing the bags, just be ready for them to be hauled around now. This is especially the case for my smaller project bags. Oh, and don’t leave out the needles. Needles must crunch nice. Even my metal circs. The plastic must be fun to chaw on because they get mangled.

  3. I think Knitpicks puts dognip in the wool. I don’t have pictures, but a couple of balls of Palette have been creatively unwound by Chewy. I’ve been able to rewind them and I assume that the dogs pit will come out in the wash. I feel your pain.

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