Almost forgot this

The greyhound hat that I made:

complete with pom pon!

raised $75 for the hounds at the picnic auction!  Ava’s probably secretly relieved that the big fella didn’t have to bring it back home.  On a related note, Rufus turns to stone when we put a coat on him.  I got Sabrina’s (like new) winter coat to try it on for size and he almost fell on his side, he was so rigid.  The other morning, the big fella took them out for a walk in the early morning chill and he put Apollo’s winter coat on him.  Rufie wouldn’t pee until the coat had been removed.  Hilarious.

sunshine and warmth forever!

Yeah, that winter weather is going to be a shock for this Alabama boy.

stretch-roach combo

We had a nice quiet weekend; lots of relaxation for the hounds and I managed to get a little knitting done.

second sock underway

I would have liked to try a recipe or two from my new cookbooks, but I ran out of time.  Ugh.

still not comfortable in his new home …

Here’s a shot of Rufie’s left-turn ears:

very funny!

Not to be outdone:

Ava and her wonky ears

I hope I can get this pair of socks finished before too long.  I started them in April.  And I still have one pair of socks that I started on our vacation LAST YEAR – September 30th.  That’s incomprehensible to me.  I will work on them next.  I picked up some cute patterns and books when I had my quick trip to Vancouver in July and want to do some more knitting.  Just to find the time.


11 thoughts on “Almost forgot this”

  1. That is great that the hat did so well at the auction! I know a lot of people are hoping to get one of those this year. Our second Greyhound didn’t like wearing a coat the first year we had him, but he changed his tune the year after that! lol

    1. Rufie has been wearing a light fleece for the early a.m. walks. He still doesn’t want to pee while wearing it, but eventually his bladder insists!

  2. I love that hat! Rufus’s ears are so cute, looks like he is out in a strong east wind! Maddy still absolutely hates her rain coat, sweater and winter coat, I think she finds them itchy or something, because she scrapes up against anything she can while wearing them, and after I take them off. The winters in Atlantic Canada don’t make going without an option though.

  3. I love your dogs 🙂 i’m also slightly freaked out as my name is also terri. i also knit (well i’m learning at the minute, i’m more of a crochet gal). i also bake and cook a lot. i have recently joined the local roller derby team. i love dogs and my favourite ever pet was a greyhound called crew.

    weird! 🙂

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